How can founders engage with their customers?

Engaging with customers is vital for every entrepreneur. Good practice should be to start interacting with customers from day 1 irrespective of whether your product is live or still in beta. Seeking wisdom through questions is something we all need to learn. In this post, I will share a few questions that every entrepreneur should ask their prospects or customers to know them better to build better products.

Demystifying term sheets

Are you a first-time founder raising new funds but petrified at the sight of complex legal mumjo-jumbo in the term sheet? In this article, the author has laid out the basic terms and jargon used in term sheets along with their explanation.


Why are startups from Tier II & III towns more likely to weather the COVID-19 storm than their metropolitan counterparts?

There is something about the frugality and 'jugaadu' nature of small-town startups that make them more likely to survive this coronavirus pandemic! We have a soft corner for founders from Tier 2 & 3 towns!


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