Free Resources


Co-founders agreement is a contract that lays out the rights, responsibilities, liabilities, and obligations of each founder that you can download, edit and use.

FAST agreement by is a simple dcument that helps govern founder-advisor agreements that you can download, edit and use.

We recommend a simple investor email update that is shared every month that covers all the key points. You can download, edit and use.

The regular process of internal due diligence that we have at Malpani Ventures that runs from sharing pitch deck to funding.

Standard information request list required for reviewing the financials, tax and secretarial compliances of a startup by an external agency.

A draft SSHA courtesy of our friends at Goyel and Goyal that you can refer for your negotiations and closing.

We publish a blog every week which offers entrepreneurs practical insights and our views on businesses

Draft term sheet used by Malpani Ventures

List of early stage accelerators, incubators, and investors along with their websites

Simple explanation of key terms within a term sheet