Provides secure video streaming for business. Videos streamed through VdoCipher player can't be downloaded using any internet plugins or software. VdoCipher solves the problem of online video piracy and helps businesses in improving their revenues from videos.

Bibox is an ultra cool innovation kit that helps student build all that can be imagined. It undertakes initiative in schools to teach, develop and mentor students to innovate ahead of time. Powered by the innovative Bibox platform, Biboxlabs work on the principles of design thinking and challenge based learning. Trained mentors conduct these sessions at schools. The constant process of evaluating a problem, brainstorming ideas, applying core concepts, creating a logic flow through Bisoft (proprietary software) and finally executing it, moulds a student to be Real-World-Ready Problem Solvers.

Multibhashi is a language learning platform which includes an Android and Web app through which people can learn English through major Indian languages (Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada) as well as learn these local languages using English. The overall objective is to provide contextualized content making the process of learning a new language relevant and fun. It focuses majorly on using bilingual approach to help learning English for people employed at bottom-of-pyramid job roles. Users can also book sessions with experts through the platform.

Fab Box is a healthy snacking company that wants to change the way people snack! The ingredients used in the snacks are sourced from highest quality farmlands produced in small batches to maintain freshness. Their chefs strive hard to get you the delightful taste in the healthiest way of preparation.

Biomoneta's ZeBox is an air decontamination technology that traps & kills microbes which cause disease and product contamination. Their continuous-use, no-touch devices are built around this disruptive patent-pending technology that finds application in multiple environments requiring clean, germ-free air.

Ajjas is a GPS Device with Anti-Theft & Accident Alert Feature. When the electronic device is installed on your vehicle, it intelligently works to communicate accidents and thefts along with absolute freedom from the fear of your two-wheeler falling, and provides fuel monitoring & location sharing without using your vehicle’s battery.

Concept Owl is pioneering twin-track approach in learning by providing learning habits using a scientific approach, and teaching math & science online via 1-on-1 mentor support.

Garageworks aims to make vehicle management simple, effective and stress free. They are a technology enabled doorstep service company addressing the two-wheeler aftersales segment. Through use of smart technology and data science, GarageWorks aims to be the largest service provider offering solutions through out the vehicle life-cycle.

Zipgrid is a community ecosystem platform that provides technology-led services to societies and other forms of housing and commercial communities. Zipgrid’s community ecosystem platforms is crafted to help a society’s executive managing committee deliver quality living experience and better value to its residents.

Tessol provide energy efficient and fuel saving refrigeration technologies for cold chain storage and logistics. With a large number of deployments across various applications (Dairy, Seafood, Meat, Bakery, Poultry, Ice Cream, Vegetables etc.) and a Pan-India service network, TESSOL is the fastest growing innovative cold chain product company in India.

Clearmydues provides debt resolution services to its customers. With the largest number of empaneled banks they provide an end-to-end technological solution to resolve the default accounts.

Inventory management and POS software for the smarter retailer. Businesses can now easily sell on multiple online and offline channels with Primaseller’s integrated and complete retail solution. Primaseller offers powerful tool to run retail business on cloud and its platform provides the capabilities of Inventory management, Point of sale, Channel integration, Purchase management, B2B sales and accounting integration.

Plus91 Technologies is a Healthcare Technology Company. They create and implement Electronic Medical Record, Lab and Hospital Information Management, and Healthcare Analytics products for clinics, labs, hospitals and wellness programs. They strategize and manage digital marketing solutions for healthcare providers and healthcare value chain stakeholders. Plus91 has for over 7 years built Healthcare IT products and projects and supported digital marketing services.

Patient Education and Awareness Series (P.E.A.S™) came into being as India’s first patient education library with its own exhaustive and consistently growing list of medical titles, covering a broad spectrum of health conditions. P.E.A.S™ also provides Healthcare IT solutions. They have an excellent and proven track record in creating and designing of various knowledge based solutions for the healthcare industry. They are medical content providers for renowned pharma companies and reputed libraries in India as well as abroad.

Start your day fresh with Raincan. Raincan delivers milk, bread, eggs, fruits, vegetables & other necessities daily. Being authorised dealer of brands, Raincan ensures quality by minimum touch points and fresh delivery at your doorstep. Raincan provides convenience through subscription services which can start/pause/stop through one click on app. App can be recharged hassle free and customer needs to not worry about payment on every delivery.

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Allizhealth has built a “health management platform” for early identification, tracking and management of health risks and conditions. They help digitize consumer’s health records and provide seamless integration with labs, hospitals and expert doctors to provide personalized care. Through Care@Allizhealth they provide a complete guide on symptoms, test procedures, diseases and health conditions.

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Instinct Innovation has developed a software product 'Redbook' for pharmacies in India, which acts as the base for a proprietary AI engine that offers deep insights on drug consumption patterns. It is being piloted by India's leading drug makers to eliminate age old, error prone manual processes of data collection & analysis and decision making. For pharmacies, RedBook frees up resources & time and increases business by providing several intelligent features like Integration with distributors, online ordering facilities, auto sync for offline use, timely information on stock expiry, and micro-level insights on consumers.

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