Can your startup afford to ignore these marketing strategies?

Can your startup afford to ignore these marketing strategies?

SEO - The biggest driver of traffic to a website, but only if you appear higher in search results

SMM - Helps you practically reach the entirety of your audience for free if you play your cards, and strategy right, with the only investment being time

Content - Think traditional, act modern! Replace cold calling and pitching with how-tos and blogs and informative content that your audience derives value from. Combined with SEO & SMM above, this can driver a lot of meaningful engagement

Email marketing - This is a no brainer, in order to be in touch with your customers on a very regular basis without them having to come to you. Yes a lot of people do ignore emails, but with the right structure, and campaign its manageable

Referrals - Can word of mouth ever replace any other forms of marketing? We think not! Word of mouth and referrals are the most direct forms of validation for a new customer to get rid of the barrier to engage with you. Afterall everyone seeks comfort. We are actually working to evaluate fit with a fantastic startup in this space!

There is no right strategy, but a combination of all these can definitely help you!

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