Investment thesis

investment thesis & faq

  • When can founders approach us?

    Most angel investors operate in the pre-seed to seed to angel stage. While it can never be too early to approach angel investors, it might be a bit late when you’re approaching Series A.Read More

  • How much do we invest in a new company?

    Typically we like to invest between Rs 50 - 75 Lacs in a new company. Having said that, we have gone both higher and lower in some cases. Currently, our average first cheque is approx Rs 75 L. We are pretty serious about supporting our companies with follow on funding, hence we reserve equal amounts of cash for follow on funding as our initial investment.Read More

  • What is our investment process and how long does it take?

    This varies from company to company, but there are basic steps that we follow. But the basic premise is that the lesser the time we take to arrive at a decision, the higher the conviction we have to feel. We sometimes follow a company for months, but we also sometimes move from introduction to funding in a week!Read More

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Investment Thesis

We value our founders and want to be as transparent with them as possible - therefore we’re sharing our investment thesis with you right off the bat.

  • A product or service with paying customers – the investment from us is to scale an existing product - not to build a prototype.
  • We prefer at least two co-founders that have prior startup or domain experience and complement each other with a diverse skill-set
  • A pre money valuation in the range 6-15 crores. Our first cheque will be for a maximum of 75 Lakhs - and we might offer to invest more if we work well together and milestones are met. However, If we are not lead investors or don't have an Observer status, then we will invest upto 25 Lakhs only.
  • We expect to be aligned on the broad direction of the company - this includes alignment with the other investors on board with a clearly defined lead investor
  • We believe in candid communication - and therefore expect monthly calls to track milestones and share updates with metrics and an agenda to be shared prior to the call. Additional mentors and investors should be a part of these calls to ensure transparency in terms of expectations as well
  • In addition, we will require the following as a part of our due diligence process, should we see a potential fit for your business model:
    • A term sheet checklist
    • A cash burn plane
    • ESOP Pool
    • Reference checks from customers or stakeholders
    • Co-founder inter-se agreement
    • A one-pager word document that summarizes
      • What we are trying to achieve,
      • progress milestones,
      • Operating metrics should we track;
      • key priorities for focus;
      • funding requirements to cash break even
  • Pitch to us!
    • If you think your startup meets the criteria listed above, we’d love to hear from you! Just fill in these few questions for us to get to know you better. If it’s a good fit, we’ll reach out to set up a meeting shortly.