Why we want more entrepreneurs to share one pagers?

Written material is usually sent to investors by entrepreneurs. And this mostly means whatever they could chalk up.

We want more and more entrepreneurs to share one-pagers. Why? Because they are a pain to create. They entail thinking, and crisp writing and ruthless editing!

What purpose does a one-pager serve?

  • A quick summary of your deck addressed to a specific investor
  • Opportunity to demonstrate thoughtfulness and clarity
  • A ready-made collateral for the investor to share with potential co-investors, that reduces time and friction
  • Summaries are the best way to absorb the essence of any reference material

Should all investors insist on a one-pager?

We absolutely believe so. Summaries and one-pagers are akin to currency in the venture capital world. Do you want to invest in a particular company? Summarize in 3 bullet points. You want to pass on an opportunity? Summarize in 3 bullet points. We love the Rule of 3. Who better than an entrepreneur to share 3 bullet points on why their venture is a good fit? A good one-pager is one foot in the door for an entrepreneur. Why?

  • It's thoughtful
  • It's customized
  • It shows intent

Slide decks are easy, and once made can be sent as a blast to 100s of investors! A true one-pager is a customized summary showcasing the important pieces of your venture, the value addition that can be provided by the investor, and how it is a good fit for the investor's portfolio.

And more often than not, writing helps to achieve clarity, and make the thoughts and words crisper. Our portfolio company founder Rajan Singh (ConceptOwl & HabitStrong) is a former IPS officer who explains How to write well

So what do we look for in a one-pager?

The same things as in a slide deck. But shorter, more concise, and crisper! Ideally not more than 500 words or 1 page. And should contain the following:

  • Simple one-line pitch
  • Explain the business in 2 lines
  • Founding team information (or links to profiles)
  • Customer problem
  • The Solution
  • Target market
  • Revenues, margins
  • Competitive advantage
  • Competition
  • Your ask
  • Why is your venture a good fit for the portfolio?
  • How can your venture work with portfolio companies?

Condensing all of these on one page is a very difficult task, and that brings the thinking hats out. Often, the entrepreneurs get the utmost clarity about their business while writing the one-pager.

In a way, we want one-pagers to be our value add to the entrepreneurs!

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