Why we decided to fund Biomoneta


"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist"

-Pablo Picasso

There are times when you come across an opportunity so brilliant, that you break all your rules to grab it. For Malpani Ventures, this rule-breaking, once-in-a-decade opportunity came in the name of Biomoneta.

Our firm has been in touch with Janani from Biomoneta even before I considered venture capital as a career path! Knowing that she is conducting path-breaking research in infection control, it was a no-brainer for us to support her vision. We do not participate in pre-revenue opportunities, but Biomoneta is once in a blue moon.

Previously supported by DBT-BIRAC, Biomoneta's ZeBox technology creates germ-free zones that can help break the chain of infection transmission, thereby protecting patients, healthcare workers, and the community.

Why is Biomoneta the Special One?

Biomoneta’s ZeBox decontaminates the environment with its patent-pending technology that not only captures but also kills microbes before they can infect people or contaminate products.

The device sucks in air from the environment where it is deployed and takes it into its capture zone, where microbes are trapped and retained. Its highly-efficient mechanism disintegrates the cells, killing microbes in large numbers as long as the device is on - creating a contamination-free zone.

The plug-and-play B2B device was developed to keep hospitals, especially ICUs, free of infection. Co-founder Arindam explained: “ZeBox is a very low maintenance device. Only a small component in the device needs to be replaced after every 2.5 years. Apart from this, the device works without human intervention.” The devices can be operated continuously in the presence of humans without worrying about their safety and does not generate any radiation or toxic by-products.

Biomoneta co-founders Arindam Ghatak (L), Dr. Janani Venkatraman (R)

Malpani Ventures have been extremely privileged to participate in Biomoneta’s $500k seed round led by Beyond Next Ventures, and ArthaVida Ventures earlier this year.

The company is going to use the funds to take its decontamination devices to market, develop more products and work on its technology.

"This funding is testimony to our team's novel approach to supporting the global fight against infection spread while also providing a safe bubble for those susceptible to infection. We are scaling up our manufacturing to address the demands of the market"

-Dr. Janani Venkatraman, CEO of Biomoneta

The Covid-19 pandemic has also brought to light the need of preventing the spread of infection, particularly during a time where no cure or vaccine exists. During such times, deploying ZeBox units in controlled environments like hospitals, homes, offices and other enclosed spaces may have the potential to arrest the spread of a range of infections, including bacterial, fungal, viral among others.

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