Introducing our newest Associate - Dhruv Sane

Family offices and Micro VCs such as ours are small by design and hire infrequently. As a tight-knit, cohesive team, getting this right is especially important. 18 months ago, we started the groundwork towards building the team. We knew it would be the most important decision we would make in this period.

We actively started our hiring process in the last quarter of 2020. Our criteria were simple: we were looking for someone who is curious, can approach venture investing with founder empathy, is grounded and can build the family office from the ground up. Importantly, we wanted someone who would fit seamlessly into our team — working together while challenging us to lead in new directions.

With today’s announcement that Dhruv Sane has joined the Malpani Ventures team as an Associate, we believe this can be a strong foundation to build this family office. We are beyond thrilled to welcome Dhruv to the Malpani Ventures Family!

Dhruv is a Chartered Accountant, and has cleared all levels of the CFA charter. In his previous avatars, he has worked at Deloitte in Forensic & Dispute Services and more recently at boutique mid market investment bank - Lodha Capital as a banker.

When Dhruv was not performing forensic audits, preparing pitch materials, or sourcing clients independently, he immersed himself in philosophy and spirituality and ran a family backed non profit website and youtube channel around these themes which he continues to do till date.

Dhruv brings with himself strong financial acumen from his forensic accounting days, excellent communication skills and understanding of diverse business models from his investment banking days, and an ability to empathize and ground himself from his deep connection to spirituality.

Malpani Ventures with its focus on impact-led growth will provide me the right platform to pursue my passion for business models, strategies, and market trends, whilst actively playing my part in the Indian growth story. I am of the firm belief that purpose-driven business is the most optimal way for sustainable growth and Malpani Ventures will provide me with an excellent platform to assist such businesses.

At Malpani Ventures, Dhruv will focus on the full range of opportunities and we hope to return the favour by assisting him in his pursuit of working with impact-driven, technology-led sustainable businesses. You can reach out to him on LinkedIn here and congratulate him on his email here, but on behalf of the entire Malpani Ventures community, please join us in congratulating Dhruv and welcoming him into our team!


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