Introducing Intellosync AI- the Legal assistant

Who is Intellosync?

Our portfolio company IntelloSync, is a contract lifecycle management software (CLM) that digitizes the entire workflow & processes of legal documentation. Their platform is built to handle a wide range of contract types, including legal, sales, finance, HR, marketing, and procurement. Powered by generative AI, the platform seamlessly manages every facet of the contracting process, from initial negotiation to final execution.


Introducing the Intellosync Copilot:


IntelloSync Copilot is an AI-powered personal legal assistant that helps you manage legal documents. Available on the Microsoft AppSource as a plugin for Word, the IS Copilot is all set to become the most trusted digital assistant for lawyers globally.



Key Features of the Co-Pilot:


1)     Contract Insights:

Intellosync CLM tool can generate initial drafts of contracts based on templates, previous contracts, and specific inputs provided by lawyers. One can use the Co-pilot to view the Name, Type, Stage, Priority, Origin and the age of the contract as well. This information is available under the Contract insights tab for a quick overview of the contract under study.



2)     Clause Wizard:

It can identify standard clauses, legal jargon, and industry-specific language, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the document. The clause wizard helps you to edit the specific clause that it selected. It provides you a list of FAQs to choose from as shown below, and also has the ability to answer any clause specific question you might have.



3)     ContractIQ Assistant:

Engage with an AI Bot designed specifically for legal professionals. Legal teams and professionals can pose open-ended questions to receive tailored insights and guidance. Unlike the Clause wizard that analyses a specific clause, this feature sifts through the entire contract to identify potential issues, inconsistencies, and areas of concern.



4)     Playbook:

Legal teams can utilize AI to develop playbooks, providing a unified space for defining standard guidance. These playbooks are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Word for easy accessibility by internal teams. Easily identify and flag potential contract risks according to your personalized review guidelines. You can check which Guidelines have Passed or Failed using the Playbook feature.



5)     Quick Guideline check:

This feature provides quick access to guidelines that could be relevant to the contract in question. Choose from a variety of contract review guides specifically tailored to your industry and the type of contract in question.


Journey towards Legal AI for all:

AI is revolutionizing the process by automating tasks like identifying key clauses, flagging potential risks, and ensuring compliance. This not only enhances efficiency but also improves accuracy, enabling legal professionals to focus on strategic analysis.

Implementing automated contract review processes and utilizing AI-powered tools can significantly reduce errors and save both time and money. Legal teams are no longer just cost centers; they're valuable assets that contribute to cost savings for their clients or enterprises. In fact, organizations that leverage AI for contract review can save up to 50% of their time and reduce costs by 30%.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has an interesting prediction. In addition to AI making the legal profession better, he's "willing to almost bet" there will be more lawyers a decade from now, because “the underlying reasons why law exists and legal systems exist aren't going to go away because those are humanity's problems."

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