How to Weave Stories in Marketing Campaigns?

Just to recap - in our last post, we spent time discussing the different ways to leverage your stories to sell more

If you've not gone through that post, we'd like you to take a moment, read it, and reflect on the styles in order to determine what will work best for your brand.

Now, let's keep going!


Once we've figured out a way to leverage stories, the next step is to figure out a way to integrate the same stories into your marketing campaigns - and that can include product launch, relaunch, branding, etc.

The platform you launch on doesn't matter as much as the way you tell your story so that it resonates with your audience. The latter is all that matters.

In order to do this effectively, we need you to first understand the platform you plan to use. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or any of the other social networking sites, it does not matter. What matters is your approach. Marketing via storytelling on Facebook requires a different approach than on a community like Instagram. And that is why it's vital that you spend enough time understanding & evaluating the different areas you plan to use within your campaigns.



How are your peers using stories effectively within their marketing campaigns?

How are people responding to these stories?

What triggers can you identify within these stories?


Understanding the platforms you want to engage on will help you establish a solid foundation for your own storyline.


How to Weave Stories in Marketing Campaigns?

a. Create success stories or case studies that serve as an integral part of your campaigns

Your people will enjoy reading or listening to success stories because these stories will show them how other people overcame issues that they're facing at this very moment.

So, rather than trying to aggressively sell your products and services, consider doing so through the vein of case studies and testimonials. Why is this a far more effective strategy? It is because this strategy transcends your own reasons for creating your brand and completely shifts the focus on the end-user: how can your offering help them accomplish their goals.


b. Feature your stories on digital platforms

Whether you are using landing pages, brochures, blogs and or websites to launch your campaign, you need to integrate stories as part of the content. 

Always remember stories that communicate the authenticity and honesty of your offering will go a long way in establishing and building trust in your prospects.  


c. Try to include your stories by creating launch videos

Videos are a powerful medium for launching products and integrating your stories in videos may have a far greater impact because it provides users with a powerful visual component.

Videos are the easiest medium to help you express your emotions and connect with your audience.


In our next post, we'll talk to you about choosing the right platform for your storytelling campaigns.

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