10 More Interview Questions to Build Your Founding Team

After sharing 10 Interview Questions to Build Your Founding Team, we have come back with 10 more such questions!

Hiring is difficult, and while we can not make it easy, we can help entrepreneurs to make better decisions.


Understand their Motivation in life

11. Who do you admire? And why?

This question helps uncover a candidate's values. What they admire in others shows you what they feel is important.

12. What is really great about your current role? And why?

This question tells you two things- what the candidate loves, and is important to them; And also understand the logic and rationale behind the same.


Understand their Fit

13. How did you prepare for this interview?

This helps you understand how proactive, resourceful and passionate the candidate is!

14. Imagine 6 months have passed, what impact have you made on this role?

You want to get the candidate thinking about the future, and also understand whether they are just interviewing for the sake of it or have they really thought this application through!


Understand if they can work with others?

15. What would your boss/co-workers say about you?

You want to understand whether or not the candidate is open and frank about themself, and also whether they are self-aware about their habits, behaviors, relationships, and performance

16. What part of your previous company's culture do you want to bring onto your next role? What do you absolutely not want?

This helps understand team dynamics and culture, and how they intersect. Do they rant about team-mates? Did they consider some specific issues and really thought about it?


Understand their learnings

17. Tell me about the lowest point in your career.

Careers will have ups and downs. Do they realize what was a down? Have they learned from it? How did they bounce back?

18. Tell me about the highlight of your career.

What motivates them? What do they feel happy about? What can your organization provide them to top that highlight?


Throw curveballs

19. Why should we not hire you?

Understand if they can put themselves in another person's shoes! Can they think rationally?

20. What should we know about you that would make us not hire you?

This surprises everyone! This is an opportunity for them to reflect, think things through, and respond. 

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