We are an angel investment firm that provides seed funding to innovative ideas. We assist determined entrepreneurs through active mentoring and strategic guidance. Our mission is to engage with top-notch teams and partner with them to build great companies. Over the years we have invested in early stage ecosystem across diverse sectors including Healthcare, SAAS, Consumer tech and Ed tech.

Our sweet spot is working with startups who have paying customers. We will invest in pre-revenue startups as well,  but there have to be good reasons for us to bend our rules !

Our Approach

  • Collaborative engagement process with special focus on strategic and financial issues
  • Work with entrepreneur to create a strategic road map and revisit that periodically
  • Exhibit responsiveness both pre and post investment
  • Mentorship and support through tough moments as a true partner
  • 50 Lacs to 1 Cr initial investment and if we are working well as partners, additional follow on investments as the venture makes progress

What are we looking for

  • Novel ideas/products or a significant improvement on an existing solution
  • A scalable Business model validated by initial traction
  • More than one promoter
  • A return on the investment with upside commensurate with risk
  • Board/observer seat for governance and learning agenda

What differentiates us

  • Large Network
  • Speed at which we work
  • We take long term view on our investments
  • Fairness to promoters, no unfair clauses in agreements
  • No pressure on early exit

Investment Thesis

Focus is vital to success, which is why we have a well-defined thesis when angel investing. We believe being open and transparent helps to create a win-win , and we expect our founders to reciprocate  
  • Clear process visibility to promoters
    • A product/service with paying customers – investment from us is for scaling, not to build a prototype
    • Committed timeline. A quick no if we are not interested. However, we will take as much time as needed to build conviction - we think of this as a marriage, not a fling
    • At least 2 promoters . Being a founder is a lonely exercise , and we think having a partner helps to improve your chances of success
    • Pre money valuation in the range 5-8 crores; first cheque of max 75 Lacs and offer to invest more if milestones are met and there is meeting of minds
    • Reference checks
  • Quantum of funding – limit first cheque so we build comfort on both attitude and execution
    • If we are not lead investors or don't have an Observer status, max 25L for first cheque
    • If we don't understand domain, max 25 L for first cheque
    • Next cheque can be big depending on comfort, even at higher valuation
  • Term sheet check list
    • Alignment on broad direction. 1 page word document that summarizes: What we are trying to achieve,progress milestones, Operating metrics should we track; key priorities for focus; funding requirements to cash break even
    • Alignment with other investors. Nominate a lead investor. No confused messaging on future direction.
    • Cash burn plan
    • Candid discussions on mutual expectations for working together
    • ESOP pool
  • Progress Review protocol
    • Monthly calls to ensure everyone is on common page. We are anal retentive about followup, as this helps the startup to establish itself on the path to success
    • MIS circulated before the call. Operating metrics, revised cash burn forecast
    • External advisors and mentors should be part of monthly calls and board meetings to ensure alignment