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There is a big cultural gap between doctors and engineers. Both are learned professions, but engineering is usually predictable, because man-made systems maybe complicated , but they are not complex.

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Why Beacons have become obsolete !

This is a guest post from Shashikant of Trillbit. When Apple launched iBeacons in 2013, people expected it to disrupt the way people experienced and interacted in physical spaces , in the same way that Apple disrupted the music industry through the iPod and the phone industry through the iPhone.

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Why are we so willing to believe the worst about doctors?

The trust deficit between doctors and patients has now become a chasm, and this is hurting both doctors and patients. There are many reasons for this sad state of affairs, starting with the constant media bashing of the medical profession, which started with Aamir Khan's TV show, Satyamev Jayate.

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Does India really have a shortage of doctors ?

Most people believe that the reason for the sorry state of affairs in Indian healthcare today is the shortage of doctors. The standard wisdom is that there are too many patients and not enough doctors, based on the "recommended doctor-patient ratio" by the WHO.

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