Technology for coaching classes

We all agree that our education is system is broken , and everyone's very hopeful that we'll be able to use technology to get students to learn. But the reality is far more complex , and coaching classes are an evil we are all going to have to learn to live with !

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Adding E to Education

This is a guest post from Shilpa Mulay, Founder of Edutab, an Edtech startup ! The “Education sector is moving towards e-learning” is a common trope which we have been hearing for quite some time. So can classroom teaching be replaced

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Ditch your slides when you pitch !

For most entrepreneurs, pitching to funders means preparing a deck (usually using Microsoft PowerPoint ), and then using this presentation to convince investors that you have a company which is worth funding. Unfortunately, this is a completely broken model for multiple reasons.

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Engineers make great mentors for Indian school students !

This is a guest post from Karthik ( ). He was a Project Mentor at Evobi Automations , an edutech startup I have funded. They make Bibox kits, which teaches school children how to be creative

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What is a fair salary for a startup co-founder ?

This is a guest post from Anuradha Agarwal, founder of Multibhashi, a social impact startup I have invested in. A co-founder is most commonly understood as that friend/close acquaintance with whom you start your venture. However, not everyone is lucky enough to find all the right co-founders at the beginning of their journey , and sometimes you meet people later whom you find worthy enough to bring on-board.

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How to value your startup - the art of premoney valuation

One of the commonest dilemmas which a start-up founder encounters is putting a pre-money valuation on his company. Now, the reality is there is no scientific formula which he can apply to arrive at the right figure.

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Reinventing Indian Education

This is a guest post from Krupalini Swamy of Evobi, a startup I have invested in. India will have the world’s youngest population by 2020 with an average age of 29 years which means if we can exploit this demographic sweet spot intelligently, our youth has the ability to transform the world .

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