Lessons learned during our entrepreneurial journey

I encourage the founders I have backed to share their experiences, so that other entrepreneurs can learn from their journey. This guest article is based on experiences shared by the founders of Creditas Solutions , @Anshuman Pawar and @Madan Srinivasan. Creditas , a company I have invested in, operates the ClearMyDues platform ( www.clearmydues.com)

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Why startups find selling to large corporates so hard

Lots of start-ups get very excited when they get an email reply from a large company. They think, "Oh great, once we close this order, we'll be absolutely fine, because this is going to solve all our problems ! " They start dreaming big, and spend a lot of time and energy in pursuing this particular whale. They're happy to dance to the company executive's tunes, and do as many free pilots as are required,

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Senior doctors need to reinvent themselves

Most doctors are pretty much set in their way by the time they reach 50. They expect to continue practicing clinical medicine and remaining doctors all their life. In one sense, unfortunately, they've become very myopic and end up leading their life pretty much on autopilot.

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When start ups implode

Lots of articles are written about how to launch a new startup, and there are plenty of consultants, advisors, incubators and accelerators who will be help you to do so - after all, the birth of something new is always a time of excitement !

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